IWR is at the centre of our society and we realize that our services have an impact on people and the environment. Our policy is aimed at sustainable performance. IWR wants to make a positive contribution towards social life and theĀ  environment. IWR and its branches are continuously making an effort to improve the entire chain, from procurement of goods to the reduction of energy consumption, from the development of our employees to reducing loss of working time due to illness, and from providing enjoyment to the creation of new nature. Improvements in this chain are beneficial and underline the synergy with the operating results. To IWR our activities are more than just an economic and socially responsible entrepreneurship. They are part of our corporate culture in which we set ourselves ambitious targets to learn and improve and to get the best performance of our operations and employees within the limits set by law. We work towards optimum performance in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance issues.


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