With Hezemeer, the I of International at IWR has been achieved. Our first location abroad has attracted around 100,000 guests for years. New faces who want something more during a day of wellness and regular guests who come back for the complete experience. The resort in Belgium has been around for more than 20 years and is one of the largest in the wellness industry. In the middle of the forests in Kempen, the green resort with its spacious garden started out small, but expanded in the following decades with several saunas and beauty rooms. In all this time, the most important thing has been guaranteed, namely the eye for the four pillars: sauna, nature, beauty and hospitality. The quality is of a high level, from treatments to culinary completion.

Hezemeer 14
2430 Laakdal (BE)

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Mailbox 70
8160 AB Epe


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Viskweekweg 10
8166 KJ Emst