The Veluwse Bron is IWR’s flagship. This nationally renowned wellness resort is situated between Apeldoorn and Zwolle on the eastern slopes of the Veluwe and receives approximately 250,000 guests per year. The Veluwe is famous for its nature and the Veluwse Bron has seized up on this feature. To most of us wellness and nature are a perfect combination. The Veluwse Bron is located on a large estate with a beautiful view across a lake. Because of the many arrangements offered one day is too short to make use of all the facilities. This is why, after their first visit, quite a few guests come back to the Veluwse Bron.

Viskweekweg 10
8166 KJ Emst (NL)

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Mailing address
Mailbox 70
8160 AB Epe


Visiting address
Viskweekweg 10
8166 KJ Emst