The Zwaluwhoeve is the best known wellness resort in Holland. With its rural and central location near Harderwijk and its farmhouse architecture the Zwaluwhoeve attracts more than 200,000 guests every year. This number is considerably lower than some years ago, and that is due to the new strategy of the company. Nowadays the Zwaluwhoeve offers its guests more rest and more space. The facilities were extended and the quality has improved. This means that the Zwaluwhoeve can perfectly meet the expectations of its guests. This strategy is reflected in reviews that are particularly positive and in the better class of guests who visit the Zwaluwhoeve for a day of wellness.

Zuiderzeestraatweg 108
3849 AJ Hierden (NL)

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Mailing address
Mailbox 70
8160 AB Epe


Visiting address
Viskweekweg 10
8166 KJ Emst